Gantry CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Gantry CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

The gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is mainly composed of a CNC cutting platform, a high pressure pump and a CNC controller. Coming in many types, the cutting platforms and high pressure pumps can be combined freely. In addition, the cutter is also available with many other spare parts, and the specific information is given as below.

1. Waterjet high pressure pump: it is the generator of high pressure and the core in the whole system.
2. CNC waterjet cutting platform: the gantry acts as the main support for workpiece, and comes with the size ranging from 600mm×800mm to 8000mm×3000mm. Customized size is also acceptable.
3. CNC waterjet controller: this part is used to control every motion part and every valve and switch.
4. Auto abrasive delivery system: it can automatically supply the abrasive for the cutting head, with the capacity of 100L and 200L for option.
5. Fan cooling system: it allows the waterjet cutting machine to work normally by cooling the oil.
6. Chiller: it is used to reduce the inlet water temperature.
7. Solids removal system: it can automatically pump the solids out of the water tank.
8. Water softener: this device can soften the inlet water, thus ensuring long service life of the intensifier.
9. Air dryer: it is applied to dry air from compressor.

The gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with a professional water jet cutting system and many other auxiliary systems. For example, the multi-point lubrication system enables the machine to run smoothly in each movement joint. Also, the rotary dustproof design effectively prevents the invasion of sand and dust and splashing drops of water to machine parts. In addition, the automatic balance correction and water level control system provides automatic rise in water level, so as to ensure underwater cutting with no noise. Hence, the complete set of water jet cutter with multiple functions and excellent performance is favored by users.

Teenking is a specialized gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine, waterjet cutting control system, and water jet air dryer, among others.

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Other Products
  • Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the auto abrasive delivery system, which has high a capacity of 100L or 200L and automatically supplies the abrasive for the cutting head.
    The fan cooling system is used to reduce the oil temperature to ensure normal operation of the water jet cutter.
    The chiller is used instead of fan cooling system to lower the inlet water temperature.
  • Gantry Platform CNC Water Jet Cutter The gantry platform CNC water jet cutter is available with a multipoint lubricating system, which is used to lubricate every moving joint of the TKW-CNC cutting platform, thus ensuring smooth cutting.
    The unique revolving dustproof design effectively protects the interior of the CNC cutting platform. This also helps prevent entry of abrasive dust and splashing water, so as to guarantee long service life of all moving parts.