Platform CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

TK-Trump-C1830 Platform CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (Cantilever Type)
It is customized size machine. The X axis travel cannot exceed 2000mm for cantilever type.

Technical Specifications
Travel of each axisX-axis1900mm
Z-axis220mm/320mm (optional)
Cutting rangeX-axis1800mm
Z-axis200mm/300mm (optional)
Drive motorAC servomotor with coder (Panasonic, Yaskawa, Fuji)
Drive componentX, Y-axis drive: ABBA or TBI precise ball screw, ABBA or HIWIN linear guide-way Z-axis drive: precise linear slider stage Three-axis full servo drive (available of cutting 3D graphics)
Maximal workpiece weight4000kg (500kg/m2)
NC control systemTKW-NC Studio three-axis CNC water cutting control system
Control precisionX-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis: 0.001mm
Reposition accuracyX-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis: less than ±0.04mm
Cutting toleranceLess than ±0.05mm
Plane straightness accuracyLess than ±0.05mm
Plane verticalityLess than ±0.04mm/300mm
Moving speed0-18m/min.
Cutting speed0-15m/min
Water and dust proofAll moving parts are tightly protected against water and dust, the casing of the CNC cutting platform is totally made using stainless steel.
Protection of power outageThe computer can accurately remember and restore the position of processing point when power cut occurs in the process of cutting.
Lubricating systemThe fully automatic lubricating system does not need any manual operation, automatically lubricating all moving parts.
Water level control systemWater level control to perform cutting underwater, splashless and noiseless. (optional)
Sludge removal systemThe settled sludge is forced toward all directions during the cutting, and then sucked into the sludge removal system via the pre-embedded pipelines. This greatly saves the cost by eliminating manual operation and machine stop time. (optional)
Automatic abrasive supply systemIt uses air pressure to continuously, stably deliver abrasive from an externally-mounted container to the cutting head. (optional)
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